Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Custom Personalized Lanyards are Great Promotional Tool

Giving away attractive and durable custom personalized lanyards is one of the most popular and common way of advertising utilized by businesses of every size, every scale. Another great feature of custom lanyards is that they are one of the most affordable promotional items that any business can afford to buy in bulk and then distribute them to target consumer segment. Their low price makes it possible for small-budget businesses to promote their product or service. These lanyards are easy to source, and can be bought online too after placing an order with a reliable online supplier.

Lanyards is a cord worn around the neck for different purposes. The most common use of lanyards is for holding an identity card or badge so that the person wearing it can be identified easily by the security personnel and other members of the same organization or company. Most companies and organizations give their employees custom lanyards with attached identity cards. These lanyards bear company name and logo and common color theme. Lanyards serve two purposes for one company- First, they make employees or members easily identifiable. Secondly, with imprinted company name and logo, lanyards also act as a promotional tool for any business.

5/8 inch Full Color Design Lanyard w/ Safety Breakaway

Lanyards may be just a cord worn around the neck and some people may find them unappealing or not attractive enough to give them as company promotional items. However, custom personalized lanyards are of great use to almost every individual belonging to any age group. Be it a small kid, a young man or woman, or elderly people, almost everyone can use custom lanyards for carrying some things that are not easy to carry around in pockets. Lanyards can be used for carrying cell phone, swiss knife, pen drives, torch, badges, ID cards, etc. These are so easy to use that even a 5 year old can put it on and take it off.

Custom lanyards are available in different materials and you can choose the material according to your choice. Similarly, there is a wide range of options in colors, designs, and printing techniques also. Custom lanyards can do a great job of promoting your business.


  1. Lanyards are great in promoting business specially when the lanyard is fashionable and eye catching.